Our service schedule is individually tailored to meet each of our client’s unique needs. We provide counseling, coaching, consulting and clinical intervention services and may need to utilize a combination of those services throughout the course of treatment.

Our compassionate approach is warm but direct and is always informed by the most up-to-date, evidence-based treatment modalities. All of our providers are continuously under direct supervision from other licensed mental health professionals, and we are always pursuing continued education to better serve our clients.

Sana Counseling DOES NOT accept insurance due to the quality of our individualized care. We have trusted community partners who are in-network with insurance providers and we are more than happy to make a referral, free of charge.

Service Fees

Initial Assessment(90-120 minutes) : $250

Individual Session(50 minutes) : $175

Family Session(50 minutes) : $225

Clinical Intervention : Determined after consult

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